Discover Life In Harmony Method

Discover Life In Harmony Method!
Discover Life In Harmony Method - Life in Harmony Method



Life in Harmony Method is a dream come true.


It's what I have studied for, it's what has come from the classes I have had in the last ten years, from all of the wonderful people who I have had the privilege to work with.


It's a global 360-degree-method which gives you the tools to achieve physical and mental harmony.


The image is of a farmer who cultivates their vegetable garden.


Cultivate your being, cultivate your mind, cultivate your body.


Do it with passion, apply yourself, be constant, immobile in continuous change.


The first step towards harmony is to feel you are citizens of the world, discovering the innumerable cultures which populate it, in order to be able to gain the best from them.


The L.I.Ha.M means applying oneself as much as possible, discovering the ways which allow us to go beyond our limits, and letting them be discovered.


With this method, we will make use of oriental and western cultures which merge into: movement, lifestyle and nutrition.


 I look forward to beginning this journey with you.


© Domenico Ursino

Life in Harmony Method

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Life in Harmony Method

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